What We Do Best

Agile Trainings

We havee wide range of trainings and workshops in the Agile/Lean area. Our main focus is to design specialized trainings in the Context of our Customer as don't believe in "One size fits all" solution. The training programs we provide will help you get answers and expert solutions so you can best meet your own needs.

Mentoring & Coaching

If you need specialized mentoring and guidance, we are the right place for you. We can mentor and coach you, your teams and organization in achieveing specific goals and running initatives. With our support you will make your organization adaptive, your teams proactive and turn your management into leadership.

Consulting & Services

Adopting the Agile & Lean mindset, as well as doing Scrum or Kanban is often not so easy. That's why we offer specialized support for you and your organization. We will work with you, running real projects, developing products and implementing the Agile practices. We'll help you transform and get measurable results. We can be part of your team!

Agile Trainings

All Trainings are Customized according the Specifics of the Customer

Interactive training / workshop focused on the Agile and Lean mindset and foundation

Mentoring, Coaching and Facilitation techniques, Real practice learning

Product Owners and Managers best practices, Backlog and Release management

Agile development Techniques, XP practices. Continuous integration, Agile Architecture

Mentoring and Coaching

Practical guidance for building and growing Self-organized Teams

Scaling Agile practices and frameworks, mentoring and support for scaling

Specially designed mentoring and coaching program, meeting specific needs

Consulting & Services

Initaial building Agile teams and running a Pilot project applying the Agile Practices

We can walk the way together. You don’t have to be alone when the difficulties appear

We can facilitate events, workshops and Specific conflict resolution sessions