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Yes. The training is suitable for beginners and experienced agilists. No prior knowledge of Agile / Scrum is required.
Everyone can pass the course as long as they have the desire, positive attitude and make the needed effort. In order to master the material it is important that you attend all the classes and actively participate in the various exercises and simulations.
Yes. Everyone who passes the course successfully will be certified by AgilePool.
No. We don't believe any test could possibly evaluate your level of agility. Spending time with the instructors during the course who will train, coach and guide you is. Agile is not about what you know, rather its about what you do and the way you think. We believe you're completely capable to self-evaluate your knowledge and skills at the end of the course.
Absolutely! Agile has emerged from the software world indeed, however every domain can benefit from it. In its heart Agile is about establishing new ways of working that require a cultural shift through embracing the Agile values and principles.
Yes, this is our style of teaching. This is the reason our trainings to be held in small groups, so that everyone can receive individual attention by the trainers.
You bet it is! We believe the best way of learning is when the attendies are having a lot of fun and are enjoying the course.

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