4 - 13 August 2020


Online Certification Course


Online Certification Course based on Scrum & Kanban by AgilePool
supported by SoftAcademy

We will cover the most important aspects of the Agile way, the most used practices, we will get deep into the Scrum framework and the Kanban method.

The training is fully practical and interactional. Our main principle of delivering training is to adapt the content and the focus in the most needed way by the audience. This means, you will actively participate, and your own interests will be in focus.

After finishing the course, you will be fully aware of the Agile-Lean mindset and ways of working. We will have games, discussions, exercises, useful learning material and lots of fun!

Who is this course for?

People with and without practicle experience with Agile, Scrum and Kanban, who want to improve their skills and abilities to work, cooperate and manage innovative Product development in a dynamic, agile environment. Very suitable for Project & Product Managers, Product Owners, Scrum masters, Team leads and engineers. Also for people who want to integrate Agile into their current teams and ways of working.

Course Details

Course Duration: 4 Sessions / 12 hours total
Session Duration: 3 hours
Dates: 04 Aug 2020 (Tue), 06 Aug 2020 (Thu), 11 Aug 2020 (Tue) and 13 Aug 2020 (Thu)
Time: 18:00 – 21:00 CET (19:00 – 22:00 EEST)
Location: Online Zoom Event
Language: English

Training Agenda

Agile Fundamentals

Learn about the Agile way of working and why it is fundamentally different from the traditional plan-driven approaches.

Agile Culture and Principles

Learn about the core values and principles behind the Agile Manifesto. What is the value behind different practices and the role of the management.

Scrum Framework Deep Dive

Understand the mechanics of the Scrum Framework. Gain advanced knowledge about the roles, values, principles, practices, artefacts and routines within it. Practical examples and techiniques that will enable you to become a real master.

Agile Product Development

Learn about effective Backlog management, Requirements Development, Maintaining an Agile Roadmap, Estimation and long-term planning. 

Lean and System thinking

Deep dive into the Lean Thinking and the values and principles behind “The Toyota Way”. Learn about eliminating waste and optimizing the workflow for maximum value discovery and delivery.

Kanban Deep Dive

Learn how to utilize the Kanban Method through hands-on practical experience. Acquire knowledge about different techniques for value flow optimization. Understand key aspects and the difference between Scrum and Kanban and how to combine the best of both worlds.

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4th August 2020

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About The Coaches

Our lectors have high expertise in the Agile-Lean domain. They have worked long years with and still are actively practicing agility in the IT sphere. We have been working with some of the biggest, challenging, and bright companies in the world. So, we do not believe in “one size fits all” solutions and we truly believe our trainings and courses should be adaptive and practical. Our experience in Agile-Lean coaching, training and work in a dynamic and actively developing environment are key for us to be able to build custom trainings – agile themselves in their nature, so we can cover the maximum of the needs of our trainees. We are very active in the Agile community and you can often meet us in an Agile conference or meetup. In the last years we have spoken in some of the biggest Agile conferences in Europe.

Nikola Bogdanov Agile Coach

Nikola Bogdanov

Agile Coach

Nikola is an Agile Coach and Professional Trainer having more than 10 years of experience in IT. During his active work as an Agile coach, Scrum master, PO, and Software engineer he has worked and led many teams and organizations. Nikola is a true Agile enthusiast and Agile-Lean thinker, who is 100% led by the values and principles in the Agile Manifesto. Nikola is greatly combining practical knowledge, coaching skills, and academic knowledge, coming from his rich experience.

Bogoy Bogdanov Agile Coach

Bogoy Bogdanov

Agile Coach

Bogoy works as an Agile-Lean trainer, professional Scrum Master and Agile Coach during the last 8 years. His trainings and public events are motivating and proven to be very successful for professionals coming from different professional areas. His audience is always his top priority, so everyone can learn and improve through experience. The many trainings, courses, articles, and blog posts are just a part of all the activities in the Agile-Lean domain which Bogoy is running. He is truly devoted to the Agile-Lean culture.