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Nikola Bogdanov Agile Coach

Nikola Bogdanov

Agile Coach

Nikola is an Agile enthusiast with deep interests in people, team and organizational facilitation and coaching. He has rich experience as Agile coach, Scrum master and Agile leader in big and small organizations.

It’s easy to say, Agile is in his DNA

Bogoy Bogdanov Agile Coach

Bogoy Bogdanov

Agile Coach

Bogoy is an experienced Agile Coach, speaker and trainer. He enjoys helping companies, teams and individuals grow continuously and at a sustanable pace. His courses and talks are inspiring to professionals who want to learn from the best.

What our Trainees Say

What real people say about AgilePool


Andoniya Karakitukova

I had the opportunity to participate in their online training and I can only say: it was NOT a waste of time! I’ve learned essential things in a very short period of time. The way the material was presented to me was 1.interactive 2.simply explained 3.highly professional 4.friendly and fun. Kanban is the topic, which touched me more personally and I’m so glad I invested my time in this.


Dimitar Petkov

AgilePool’s seminars are exceptionally interactive and always straight to the point. Would definitely recommend for anyone who is interested in the Agile methodologies – newbies and practitioners alike.


Konstantin G. Georgiev

“Admirations for all the initiatives that you have provided to audience, guys!
Let the Agile keep inspire you and let it be your fuel through the whole professional and personal path : )”


ThuAn Do

“Attended the practitioner Scrum Master and it was awesome! Many discussions, examples , practices and simulations. Very knowledgeable lecturers. Big recommend 👌👌”


Tsveta Dimitrova

“I strongly recommend the AgilePool’s training. I am excited for the new training Scrum-Kanban. The training Practitioner Product Owner Certification was very useful for me and I am applying the knowledge which I have received in my professional life. I obtained good understanding of the role Product owner and I was able to practice my knowledge in real-life cases.”


Stanimir Todorov

“AgilePool team is highly skilled and experienced in the Agile world. I ‘d recommend working with them to any organisation which desire to fully adopt Scrum or Kanban. With AgilePool practices the success will be guaranteed.”


Matilda Nikolova

“I’ve attended Practitioner Scrum Master course in June 2019 and I’m really satisfied with the content and general attitude in this course. Small groups ensure that all your questions will be answered. There are many games and experiments that bring understanding how things work.”


Kristiyana Atanasova

“I highly recommend the AgilePool’s trainings, as well as all the activities of both lectors – lectures at conferences, consulting and mentoring services. The professionalism and the deep knowledge and experience are the 2 main things differentiating them from their competitors. Not only this but also the practical part of their trainings and the real life examples are making them first choice when looking for a course related to Agile! You’ll find out that learning new stuff in a friendly environment has never been easier if you choose AgilePool!
Keep up the great work, guys!”


Ivayla Atanasova

“Course “Scrum master practitioner” was quite interesting for me. I’ve learned a lot, especially from the real situations shared on the sessions. I’ve also was impressed, because there were two lecturers leading the course, so for me there wasn’t a moment to be bored

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Rusalena Dimitrova

“The structure of the course was well defined. Both lecturers shared their solid experience in the field and gave in depth explanations of their problem solving methods using real world scenarios. The hands-on activities that came along brought great value. ”


Paolina Panamska

“Super interactive course, lots of examples from the real life. The trainers are very expirienced in the area and give you a really good know-how. Also they create fun and pleasant atmosphere in the course, they definitely grab your attention 


Gabriella George

“I would strongly recommend the Scrum Master course! The team is very well prepared and uses real life examples as well as good games to better understand the practical part.”


Mihail Karev

“All the sessions that I have with Agilepool were useful and interesting. Everything was based on the real-life experience of the lecturers and was presented funnily. I can strongly recommend to everyone who wants to learn more for the Agile methodology.”


Antoniy Kokoshyan

“The lectors in Agilepool are highly motivated to bring to you all their knowledge related to agile mindset and corresponding agile practices. I strongly recommend all of their courses because they give a real life examples and a lot of workshops.”


Koko Tumnishki

“Both trainers are good and experienced! The class is delivered in a professional setting and is mainly helping to make up skill the practical side rather than theoretical. The schedule is tight, but it does give the best value for money on the market – and trust I have visited a few trainer courses in the last couple of years. Highly recommend for people looking to gain accountable knowledge or making a career shift.”