Pool of Agility

Custom designed trainings provided by Agile Pool


We are offering various trainings and workshops that will enable you to succeed with Agile.
No matter if you’re new to Scrum or experienced agile practitioner, we’ll help your organization grow and deliver faster.

Trainings & Workshops

A broad range of trainings and specially designed workshops will help you build the needed knowledge, skills and expertice in Agile, Lean, Scrum and Kanban

Coaching & Conslulting

Want to get into action quickly?
Our mentoring programs will help you learn pragmatic agile while having a lot of fun, solving your problems. We will help and guide you through the Agile journey

Conferences & Events

Inspiring speakers are the key success factor for every Conference or Public Event.
Our Agile coaches are experienced speakers and deffinetelly have what to share. We would be very happy to join you and to present the latest Agile topics!

Agile Trainers


Nikola Bogdanov

Agile Coach

Nikola is an Agile enthusiast with deep interests in people, team and organizational facilitation and coaching. He has rich experience as Agile coach, Scrum master and Agile leader in big and small organizations.

It’s easy to say, Agile is in his DNA

Bogoy Bogdanov

Agile Coach

Bogoy is an experienced Scrum Master and trainer. His courses and talks are inspiring and attractive to professionals who want to learn from the best.



The amount of information was well organized and compliant with the time we had.

Andrey Kabakchiev

The trainer used lightweight language and fun interactive exercises that helped me to gain better understanding on the subject.

Teodor Tsonchev

The theory was supported with practical examples, gamification and useful advices.

Andrey Yordanov